Organic Compost Accelerator

Organic Compost Accelerator
UK - made from natural raw material
  • Granulated supplement made from animal by-products, fermented vegetation residues, organic materials, and living microorganisms
  • For all types of composting
  • Contains important composting bacteria and fungi cultures
  • Added nutrients feed the microorganisms effectively due to being in an easily digestible nutrient medium
  • Allows quick and effective breakdown of garden and kitchen waste, as well as leaf and grass cuttings
  • Perfectly suited for composting in the Thermal Compost Bin, because in the first ‘hot phase’ many weed seeds and undesired germs will be destroyed
  • Also suitable for composting autumn foliage
  • Yields large amounts: 2 kg is enough for approx. 4 m³ of yard waste or 66 m²
  • Please note: Do not use together with composting worms!

Packaging: 2 kg carton

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