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Super Strength Cat Repellent

Keep cats away - the natural way
Neudorff’s Super Strength Cat Repellent is made from pure plant extracts encapsulated in clay-based mineral granules. Cats find the smell of the natural plant extract unpleasant and it drives them away without causing them – or other animals like birds or dogs – any harm.
  • Contains 0.5 % w/w garlic oil (granulated)
  • Made from pure plant based oils encapsulated in clay based mineral granules
  • The long lasting odour effectively drives cats away from gardens, patios and areas where birds frequent
  • Covers the territorial odours of other cats and makes the animals avoid the territory to be protected.
  • Scatter granules evenly over the areas to be protected
  • After rain areas should be treated again
  • 500 g is sufficient for approx. 200 m².
Period of protection: approx. 3-4 weeks depending on the weather
Packaging sizes: 500 g shaker can