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Biological plant protection

With Neudorff’s new nematodes now available straight from the shelf without the need for refrigeration, this natural form of pest control has never been more accessible to UK gardeners, but what are the benefits and how do nematodes work?

What are beneficial nematodes? 

Nematodes are very small, white to colourless roundworms, which can be found in almost every ecosystem on earth. Some species of these tiny creatures are predatory and can be used in horticulture for the control of many soil bourne pests.

How do nematodes work?

Nematodes kill larval pests, thereby stopping the damage they cause to plants and lawns. They first enter the pest larvae and inject it with bacteria, causing death. Nematodes will then eat the dead body, multiply, and immediately start searching for a new host.

Once their source of food is exhausted the nematodes will themselves die, leaving behind no evidence of them ever being there.

Neudorff nematodes

LawnGrubFree – Nematodes

A sure sign that a lawn has a chafer grub problem is turf with areas that have been pulled up by birds or animals searching for grubs, this is most common between September and April. LawnGrubFree can be applied to wet lawns using a sprayer or watering can, the formula treats up to 100 m². 

Will also work against:
Fungus gnats, Cucumber beetle, Bagworm, Gall midge, Repels ant larvae.

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VineWeevilFree – Nematodes

Vine weevils can cause havoc to plants and fruits, especially those grown in containers. Adults attack the leaves and grubs tackle the roots, killing plants from March – August. VineWeevilFree can be sprayed or watered into pots, containers, beds and borders using a sprayer or a watering can; the formula treats up to 12 m² or 210 pots.

Will also work against:
Fungus gnats, Cucumber beetle, Bagworm, Gall midge, Repels ant larvae.

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LeatherjacketFree – Nematodes

Another menace for lawns are leatherjackets, these dark grubs will eat grass roots and the stem bases of plants and are active from February – October. LeatherjacketFree can be sprayed or watered into a wet lawn using a sprayer or watering can; the formula treats area of up to 100 m2.

Will also work against:
Wireworm, Caterpillars, Strawberry root weevil, Codling moth, Leaf miners.

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Neudorff NemaSprayer

The only dedicated Nematode sprayer available in the UK, pre-calibrated for the easy application of Neudorff Nematode formulas. Users simply need to fill with water to the appropriate line, add the Nematode sachet and shake until fully dissolved.
Attach a garden hose (the sprayer is fully compatible with all major hose brand fittings) and start spraying.

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Do I need to use nematodes, and if so - when?

Nematodes will only work in areas where pests are already present, they are not effective as a preventative measure.

How do I use nematodes?

1. Water the lawn or soil to ensure it is ready for the nematodes.

2. Fill the Neudorff NemaSprayer or watering can with water and nematode sachet(s). Sachet will not dissolve. Remove after use and dispose of in compost heap or household waste.

3. Apply the nematodes mixture on to the lawn or soil.

4. Keep area moist for the next 3 days (or a week in dry weather). 


How to apply LawnGrubFree Nematodes
How to apply LeatherjacketFree Nematodes
How to apply VineWeevilFree Nematodes


Are nematodes safe to use aroung children and pets?

Yes, nematodes are child and pet friendly. 

Do I need to refrigerate Neudorff nematodes?

No, Neudorff nematodes do not need to be refrigerated due to being placed in n a state called 'cryptobiosis' which prevents them from moving or using oxygen. They can remain alive in this state for up to 6 months.

How many times do I need to apply the product?

Depending on the level on infestation, once can be sufficient but twice within a season may be necessary. Detailed instructions can be found within each product.

What are the optimum weather conditions for the application for nematodes?

Between 10- 30 °C but not during bright sunshine. ldeally apply in the evening or on cloudy/overcast or rainy days.

ls it normal for residue to be left in the sprayer and what should I do with it?

Yes it is, this residue should be removed after application is complete and disposed of as household waste.

GIMA Sword of Excellence for Neudorff nematodes

The GIMA Sword of Excellence for the best overall product was awarded to VineWeevilFree Nematodes, which also received the “best new product” award in the Garden Care category at the recent awards. Read more