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Compost worms love kitchen waste

Now is the time that everybody loves fresh greens, so the kitchen produces a lot of waste for composting. If there is a lot of this material then it is worth composting with compost worms. This is very simple:

1. Fill the  Thermal Compost Bin "Neudorff DuoTherm®" 530 l with about 10 cm of compost mulch. Put approximately 500 compost worms on top, these can be found in any well-stocked garden centre.

2. Add the first layer of kitchen waste.

3. Apply a natural clay mineral powder over every fresh layer of waste as this is an important digestive aid for the worms. This improves the decomposing process and absorbs excess moisture. Do not use Organic Compost Accelerator at the same time as adding worms to the compost. Otherwise, the worms will find it too hot and they will leave the compost.

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