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Surface composting of autumn leaves

Leaves make up most of the compost material in autumn and this can be cheaply and easily removed by means of surface composting. To do this, spread a 5 to 10 cm thick layer of autumn leaves around trees, on borders, rose beds and also vegetable beds, sprinkle with Organic Compost Accelerator and work into the top layer of soil using a hoe. By early spring, the leaves will have rotted down almost completely, improving the soil with rich humus. This improves the soil and leads to healthy, lush growth the following spring.

Composting leaves in the thermal composter

The sturdy, weatherproof Thermal Compost Bin "Neudorff DuoTherm®" 530 l, is especially suitable for composting, as the thermal design provides excellent insulation, accelerating the composting process right into the winter.

Autumn leaves break down very well in the Thermal Compost Bin "Neudorff DuoTherm®" 530 l if Organic Compost Accelerator is added. With wet leaves in particular, it is a good idea to add a natural clay mineral powder to bind moisture.

Protect compost from leaching

Do not dress the beds with compost in the autumn as the plants cannot absorb the nutrients it contains during the winter months. Rainfall in winter washes out the valuable nutrients. This is why it is better to protect the compost from rain during the winter months and only dress the beds in early spring.

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