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Surface composting of autumn leaves

Leaves make up most of the compost material in autumn and this can be cheaply and easily removed by means of surface composting. To do this, spread a 5 to 10 cm thick layer of autumn leaves around trees, on borders, rose beds and also vegetable beds, sprinkle with Organic Compost Accelerator and work into the top layer of soil using a hoe. By early spring, the leaves will have rotted down almost completely, improving the soil with rich humus. This improves the soil and leads to healthy, lush growth the following spring.

Slower-decomposing leaves

The leaves of oak, walnut, chestnut, sycamore and poplar contain lots of tannins. This means that these leaves decompose more slowly. Accelerate the decomposition process by shredding the leaves beforehand, for example, by driving over them with the lawnmower. Mix other material with the tannin leaves, such as grass clippings or the leaves of fruit trees, as this also helps them decompose. Adding Organic Compost Accelerator is also recommended as this contains nutrients that help to speed up the decomposition process.

Disease prevention through rapid composting

Leaves affected by scab or mildew, for example, should be removed and quickly and thoroughly composted in order to reduce the risk of infection for the following year. The Thermal Compost Bin "Neudorff DuoTherm®" 530 l is also very good for composting in the cooler months thanks to its insulating construction. Adding Organic Compost Accelerator immediately kick-starts the composting process.

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