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The compost is in full swing in late summer!

Larger amounts of composting material occur in late summer and autumn. Shrub clippings and grass cuttings from the lawn as well as hedge clippings, the first falling leaves and much more. Most years, September usually ensures sufficient moisture so that there is less need to add water to the compost than in high summer.

Compost bins speed up the rotting process

The sturdy, weatherproof Thermal Compost Bin "Neudorff DuoTherm®" 530 l, is especially suitable for composting, as the thermal design provides excellent insulation, accelerating the composting process right into the winter.

Making compost mulch

Compost mulch is a compost that is quickly produced and can be added to the soil to improve soil fertility. To make compost mulch, layer organic material such as kitchen and garden waste together with coarser clippings from the garden and sprinkle with Organic Compost Accelerator and compost. The rotting process particularly benefits from the compost mulch being turned after two weeks, as this adds air. The compost mulch is ready after just 8 to 10 weeks and can then be spread over the beds. Compost mulch contains more nutrients than mature compost. The rotting down process is not yet finished when spread on the beds and continues decomposing on the soil. This greatly promotes living organisms in the beds.

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