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Our horticultural engineers answer numerous technical questions from amateur gardeners all year round. Many questions come back time and again because their answers are important for work in the garden or on the patio. You can find the most important questions here.

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fold faq I am thinking about decorating the Insect Hotel individually. What do I have to take into consideration?
fold faq Do I need to take the Insect Hotel into the house in winter?
fold faq How much effort do I need to make to maintain the Insect Hotel?
fold faq Do the guests of the Insect Hotel pose any danger?
fold faq Which insects can I expect in my Insect Hotel?
fold faq When is the best time to hang up the insect hotel?
fold faq What can I do if birds are trying to plunder the Insect Hotel?
fold faq When can I put up the Insect Hotel?
fold faq Do I need to supply additional beneficial insects for the insects Hotel?