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Our horticultural engineers answer numerous technical questions from amateur gardeners all year round. Many questions come back time and again because their answers are important for work in the garden or on the patio. You can find the most important questions here.

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fold faq What are beneficial nematodes?
fold faq How do nematodes work?
fold faq How do I identify which product I need?
fold faq Do the Neudorff nematodes also work against other pests?
fold faq How long will nematodes take to work?
fold faq Are nematodes safe to use around children and pets?
fold faq Do I need to refrigerate Neudorff nematodes?
fold faq How many times do I need to apply the product?
fold faq What are the optimum weather conditions for the application for nematodes?
fold faq I have purchased my nematodes, when should I apply them?
fold faq How long do I need to mix / shake / agitate the sachet in water?
fold faq What temperature should the water be for mixing?
fold faq How do I apply the product in a watering can?
fold faq How do I apply the product in a NemaSprayer?
fold faq Should the soil be moist before and after the nematode application?
fold faq The sachet has not dissolved / the sachet is still inside the sprayer and the nematodes are still in the sachet?
fold faq ls it normal for residue to be left in the sprayer and what should I do with it?