Aromatic Italian Herbs

Straight from the balcony

Fresh Italian herbs can transform even the blandest of dishes into Mediterranean-inspired culinary delight. These ingredients can easily be grown in a pot, balcony planter, window box or container. They’re fun to grow, fill the smallest of spaces with aromatic scent and taste sensational!

  • Approx. 30 minutes for 1 container
  • Approx. £10 for 1 container
  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • April to June

This is what you need

Empty tin cans or discarded dishes are also suitable. However, the container must have a drainage hole to allow excess water to easily run out.

Step 1: Fill the container

Choose a container with plenty of drainage holes and place a few crocks (pieces of pottery) at the base to prevent compost from being washed out. Fill the container to slightly below the rim, using a free-draining peat-free compost.

Step 2: Plant

Place the plant in the container. The upper edge of the root ball should be about 2cm below the rim of the pot. This prevents water from spilling over the edge of the pot when watering. To give herbs the best start in life, add some Organic Multipurpose Plant Food to the compost when you’re planting, so herbs have a ready supply of essential nutrients from the outset. Top up the pot with compost and firm it down lightly.

Flowering herbs are paradise for bees as they produce a lot of nectar.

Step 3: Water

Water newly planted herbs well. Even herbs that prefer dry conditions need moist (but not wet) soil for the first few weeks after planting. For best results, liquid feed once a week, during the first four weeks, with Super Strength Seaweed Extract – it strengthens plants and helps to stimulate fresh growth.

Further care

  • Give herbs a nutrient boost with Organic Multipurpose Plant Feed liquid fertiliser, feeding every 1-2 weeks.
  • Mediterranean herbs need to be pruned in spring, which encourages plenty of strong, new growth.
  • Don’t forget to water hardy herbs through autumn and winter if conditions are dry and frost-free.
  • While herbs are easy to grow, pests and diseases can strike. Take advantage of our online plant doctor for diagnosis and advice.