Carrots, parsnips, etc.

Grow superfoods in your own back yard!

Vitamin-packed superfoods are the underrated heroes of the gardening world. Easy crops such as carrots, beetroot, parsnips and turnips are rich in nutrients and can easily be grown in your own garden.  Here, we show you how to cultivate vegetables that form the backbone of a healthy diet.

  • Approx. 1 hour
  • Approx. £9-13
  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • April to May

This is what you need

Step 1: Prepare the soil (or raised bed)

Use a garden fork to break-up clumps of soil while removing any roots or stones. Rake the soil surface until it’s fine and crumbly. Scatter some general-purpose fertiliser, at the rate recommended on the packet, and use the rake to lightly work it into the soil.

Step 2: Sow seeds

Use a planting line to mark out your rows – a length of string tied between two canes makes it easy.


Sow as directed on the back of the seed packet. This should also provide details of how how deep seeds need to be planted, and how far apart they should be spaced.

You can sow seeds straight from the packet or sprinkle them from your hand. Perfect sowing results can be easily achieved with seed tapes (lengths of tissue which contain pre-sown seeds that have been spaced at the correct distance) – a method that makes vegetable growing easy for beginners. The tissue biodegrades in the soil over time as young plants establish.

Step 3: Water

Seeds need water to germinate and establish, so take care not to allow seed beds to dry out over the first few weeks after a crop has been sown. Once young veg plants are established and growing, liquid feed weekly when watering using Super Strength Seaweed Extract, which strengthens plants and stimulates new growth.

Seeds need water to germinate. Young seedlings that are allowed to dry out will not recover!

Extra tip

Carrots can be attacked by low-flying carrot fly. To keep pests at bay, cover crops with insect-proof netting or surround with low barriers of netting that’s securely fixed to canes, so it won’t blow away in windy conditions.