Delicious tomatoes grown on your balcony

Delicious sun-kissed tomatoes from your balcony

Once you've eaten these, you'll never buy tomatoes from the supermarket again! Home-grown tomatoes are never-experienced taste bombs. Be it small cherry tomatoes or large beefsteak tomatoes, yellow, green, purple or striped tomatoes - you can grow all varieties in your balcony. And very easily!

  • Approx. 30 minutes for one tomato plant
  • Approx. £ 8 - 10 for one pot
  • Difficulty level: low
  • End of April to June

What you need

Here is our checklist for download

  • A pot with a hole in the bottom for water drainage. Approx. capacity - 10 litres. Clay pots work well for this
  • Clay shards or a small stone to cover the hole, so that the soil does not run out with the water
  • Drip tray for the pot
  • A peat-free plant substrate; preferably a soil especially suited for tomatoes and vegetables 
  • Tomato plants
  • Rod for tying, special stake for tomatoes or simply tie a string securely to the balcony ceiling.
  • Watering can
  • Organic fertilizers such as the liquid Organic Tomato Feed or solid fertilizer Organic Multipurpose Plant Food
  • Super Strength Seaweed Extract, if necessary

How it works

Step 1: Filling

Place clay shards over the hole of the pot. Fill a layer of the peat-free soil for tomatoes and vegetables in the pot up to a height of 10-15 cm.

Step 2: Planting

Depending on the size of the plant, remove two to four leaves from the lower part of the shoot. Now carefully remove the plant from the pot and place it in the soil. The plant should obviously protrude significantly from the pot, but it helps if a larger portion of the main shoot is free of leaves and covered with soil. This is because tomatoes can form roots on the shoot and can thus feed themselves better. This is of course not possible when the plants are still very small!
Also pour the Organic Multipurpose Plant Food into the pot. Now, fill so much soil that the pot is well filled up to about 2 cm below its rim. Gently press the soil down.

Step 3: Tying

Most stake tomatoes can easily grow up to a height of 1.5 metres (!!). That’s why they need to be supported, otherwise they will buckle. You can either take a normal bamboo stick or something similar, or a special tomato stake made of metal, which is spirally twisted. A simple tear-proof string is another option. Tie one end loosely to the bottom of the shoot, and the other to the balcony ceiling and then wind the tomato plant counter-clockwise around this string. That's how even professional gardeners do it. It saves you the trouble of tying the plant to a rod; the string is sufficient to provide the necessary support. 
When tying a support aid, make sure that it is really stable. This is especially true in case of a string. If things go well and the yield is good, such a fruit-laden plant can be quite heavy!

Step 4: Watering

Water the pot thoroughly right after planting until the water spills over. For best results, use Super Strength Seaweed Extract; it strengthens plants and stimulates their growth. Obviously, you will need to pour more and more water as the tomatoes grow bigger. If it gets hot, you may need to water the plant daily. In the first four weeks, add Super Strength Seaweed Extract into the water once a week.

Step 5: Further care

  • Tomatoes are always "hungry". Therefore they need to be re-fertilized latest by July with an organic fertilizer such as Organic Multipurpose Plant Food. This fertilizer has a long-term effect. If you prefer liquid fertilizers, you can use Organic Tomato Feed. You have to start this about two weeks after planting.
  • Regularly “pinch out” tomatoes. This means that you break off all side shoots. Otherwise there will be a tomato thicket within a surprisingly short time, the fruits will not ripen well, they will be less accessible and the shoots will break off quickly. How this works: simply bend all shoots growing in an axil on the main shoot to the side and break them off. Don’t cut them but actually break them off, otherwise they will grow back.
  • Plant pests and diseases, if they occur, can be detected with the help of our plant doctor. Here you will also find tips for prevention and control. 

Extra tips for growing tomatoes on the balcony

  • There are tomato varieties that are particularly small. You can even plant these in a balcony trough.
  • There are bush tomatoes, which are particularly suitable for beginners. They don’t grow very big, and usually don’t need to be tied up or pinched out.
  • The plant grows healthier and its fruits are more flavourful and aromatic when kept in a sunny and rain-protected environment.