Wild Gardener seed mixtures for your enjoyment

Experience the unique seed mixtures with indigenous wild herbs and edible wild flowers! Harvest fresh, aromatic herbs straight from your balcony. Look forward to many tasty creations!

  • A natural delight
  • Three different seed mixtures
  • With partially forgotten wild herbs and edible flowers
  • With annual and perennial species
  • Can be ideally sown into window boxes, pots or buckets, but also in the garden
  • Blended with vermiculite to aid a uniform discharge of the fine seed and to aerate the soil when planting
  • Individually sealed sachet to ensure quality and good sprouting results
  • One pack is enough for two large window boxes

Tasty recipes with Neudorff’s Wild Gardener

Experience the huge variety with your own wild herbs! Whether it's a wild herb dip, a fresh and healthy summer salad or a delicious wild smoothie, get inspired by delightful Wild Gardener recipes! Have fun trying them out!

Tips & Tricks

All Wild Gardener seed mixtures are easy to sow and cultivate. In order for your own wild herbs to grow naturally healthy, here are some recommendations:

For pots, window boxes and the garden

Each “Wild Gardener” pack includes two sachets of seeds and a sowing aid, enough to sow at least two large sized (80-100 cm) window boxes.
Of course, you can sow your Wild Gardener Seeds also in pots, tubs or even in your garden.

Here's how to sow the mixtures:

  • Lay a thin layer of leca or gravel in the container (planter, window box, pot or bucket) – it will serve for drainage.
  • This is followed by potting soil (which should ideally be peat-free) to just under the rim of the container.
  • It is best to compact the soil with a small wooden board.
  • Mix the sachet contents well prior to seeding to ensure a good mix of the seeds and vermiculite.
  • Distribute seeds evenly but not too densely over the entire soil surface.
  • Press lightly and then cover seeds with a thin layer of soil.
  • Water well and keep moist for 4 – 6 weeks for good germination.
  • Provide your seeds with some extra help with a weekly dose of Neudorff Multipurpose Plant Feed.

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