About us

In harmony with nature

Neudorff stands for joy in natural gardening. And has been doing so since 1854. The interaction of garden, nature and environment is always in focus for us. That's why we offer a large selection of environmentally-friendly products. We always use active agents that – as far as possible – come from nature, regrow quickly, and have a minimal impact on the environment

Family-run company

As a family business, Neudorff attaches particular importance to the personal interaction and cohesion of its employees. The region around the headquarters in Emmerthal, in the beautiful Weserbergland region in the heart of Germany, is also benefiting from the company's activities. We are actively involved in various projects and support local associations. In this way, we can secure the jobs of our employees and, at the same time, support the region.

Climate-neutral, resource-saving and sustainable

Since 2021, our production has been climate-neutral. Our own power generation, using water power, solar installations, as well as combined heat and power, helps to achieve this. We strive to conserve resources in all areas. This is our contribution to sustainable development in line with the UN's 2030 Agenda.

Our sustainability report

You can read our "Magazine for Sustainability" here

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Our milestones

1854 – 1903: The beginnings

The chemical factory of W. Neudorff GmbH KG was founded in 1854 in Königsberg in what was then Prussia. At that time, it was one of the first German firms to produce plant protective agents and animal care products. The company was founded by Wilhelm Neudorff, a dyer with a particular interest in chemistry. He developed a diverse range of bath essences, tinctures, ointments and cosmetics. Back then, one natural product elicited a special degree of enthusiasm – Persian insect powder obtained from a natural chrysanthemum extract, pyrethrum. We still use this active agent today in a more advanced form in some of our products.

1903 – 1987: Building an environmentally friendly product range

In 1903, the company moved to Wuppertal, where it continued to expand its range of chemical-pharmaceutical products. Plant protective agents, pest control agents and animal care products were all being produced already by the mid-1920s. Even then, emphasis was placed on active substances that were as close to nature as possible.

In 1959, Rudolf Lohmann bought the company and moved its location to Emmerthal. A whole range of new products was developed and produced here in the following years.

1987 – today: From niche producer to market leader

Our administrative and production headquarters in Emmerthal are complemented by a production facility in Lüneburg, where, since 1987, we have been producing mainly organic solid fertilisers and our slug pellets. The Emmerthal site also has a large production facility for our plant protective agents. In the modern experimental nursery near Hameln, we develop many products and make them ready for practical use. In total, Neudorff employs over 290 people (as of 2022).

Our most important awards & certificates

Neudorff’s plant protection awarded “Brand of the Century”

Neudorff, pioneers in the development and manufacture of sustainable products for the garden, has been selected as one of the "Brands of the Century" by renowned publishing group, Zeit. Awarded to great German brands, Neudorff has been bestowed this award by the jury who honoured Neudorff’s outstanding achievements in the area of plant protection in a transparent selection process.

The Zeit jury stated that “Neudorff is emblematic of the entire category of plant protection. The decision is based on a comprehensive, transparent set of rules.”.

Talking about the award win, Sales and Marketing Director at W. Neudorff GmbH KG, Richard von Herman, added: “As an innovative company with a long tradition, we are proud to receive such an exclusive award. This means we are among the crème de la crème of German brands with our category of plant protection.

We have always explored new avenues in the area of environmentally friendly and sustainable plant care with our products and processes, and we are delighted to receive such confirmation of our innovative work stretching back decades.”