Our horticultural engineers answer numerous technical questions from amateur gardeners all year round. Many questions come back time and again because their answers are important for work in the garden or on the patio. You can find the most important questions here.

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  • Can I also use WeedFree Plus+* with very small weeds?

    Yes, it can be used on all sizes of weed. But the effect is better when the green surface area of the weed is larger so that the maximum amount of active ingredient can penetrate the leaves and reach the roots.

  • Will the Weedkiller* products also damage my shrubs?

    All Neudorff Weedkiller* products are broad-spectrum herbicides. Which means that everything that has green leaves and is touched by it will die. It is best to use a spray canopy in the perennial border which will make sure that your shrubs do not come into contact with the spray mist.

  • Can I also use WeedFree Plus+* on the lawn?

    No, because WeedFree Plus+* acts on all green plants and will therefore kill the lawn.