Nutrients are still needed now

You should also regularly feed patio plants in August. Organic Multipurpose Plant Feed is particularly suited to many different types of plants as it supplies the plants with key primary nutrients and trace elements. In addition, the vitamins and enzymes contained in the liquid feed promote plant growth and soil life to maintain attractive plants.

Get boxwood ready for the winter

Give boxwood a last feed with Organic Multipurpose Plant Food in August so that it has time to mature before winter. You have until the end of August to give the plants a final cut. Pruning any later increases the risk of frost damage.

Fresh greens from the balcony box

Fast-growing plants such as spinach, baby leaves or rocket grow particularly well in a balcony box. Fill the balcony box with a peat-free soil specially designed for sowing and growing young plants and cuttings and for cultivating herbs and now sow a variety of lettuces. You can harvest the fresh greens in just a few weeks.