Orange spots on pear leaves?

If your pear leaves looked like this last year, then they were infested by pair rust. This fungus usually infects pear leaves from mid-April and may result in no fruit being produced in cases of heavy infestation.

Healthy, well-nourished plants are less susceptible to fungal disease. Use Organic Multipurpose Plant Food to supply the plants with optimum nutrition. 

Fruit trees also need feeding

Now is the time to feed your fruit trees and berry bushes with Organic Tomato Feed. Because if you feed your plants in spring, they will thank you in summer with a better harvest. Organic Tomato Feed is an organic long-term fertiliser that contains many trace elements and soil-revitalising micro-organisms as well as mycorrhiza fungi for strong and healthy plant growth. Potassium improves flavour, ripeness and quality of the fruit and increases their suitability for storage.

Grafting your fruit

If you want to graft your fruit trees, then mid-April is the best time to do this. Dress the wound with a good tree wax. This prevents the wound from drying out and promotes wound healing.