Fruit trees also need feeding

Now is the time to feed your fruit trees and berry bushes with Organic Tomato Feed. Because if you feed your plants in spring, they will thank you in summer with a better harvest. Organic Tomato Feed is an organic long-term fertiliser that contains many trace elements and soil-revitalising micro-organisms as well as mycorrhiza fungi for strong and healthy plant growth. Potassium improves flavour, ripeness and quality of the fruit and increases their suitability for storage.

Not always a plum job

Did your plums look like this last year too? Then they were infested by bladder plum or plum pocket disease. This fungal disease invades the plant during the flowering period. So now, just before the leaves start to grow, is a good time to apply Organic Multipurpose Plant Food as this supplies plants with optimum nutrition. Healthy, well-nourished plants are less susceptible to fungal disease. You must repeat the application twice during flowering. This will give you a healthy crop of fruit again.

Plant fruit bushes

It is still possible to plant fruit trees or shrubs now. Plant them in a peat-free special planting soil and water with Super Strength Seaweed Extract. This gives them the best start for the growing period.

Pollination help for fruit trees

Help beneficial garden insects in their search for a suitable nesting or hibernation site with the Insect Hotel. The Insect Hotel gives insects such as wild bees, lacewings and ladybirds a home where they can live next to one another. Wild bees are beneficial as they ensure uniform pollination of fruit trees, lacewings and ladybirds combat aphids.

Protect young fruit trees from browsing

Spray vulnerable fruit trees with a repellent to prevent browsing from game and protect the plants during their sensitive growth period. Ask at your garden centre for a suitable product.