Harvesting healthy strawberries

Help prevent your strawberries from being infected with botrytis cinerea this year by nourishing them properly. Because healthy, well-nourished plants are less susceptible to fungal disease. Organic Multipurpose Plant Feed supplies the plants with optimum nutrition.

Stick it to them pests

No maggots in the cherries: when cherries start to turn yellow, hang a glue trap in the trees to protect the cherries from maggot infestation. Cherry fruit flies are attracted to the special colour and shape. The pests stick to the glue on the trap and cannot reach the fruit. And your cherries remain maggot free. Completely without pesticides.

Outsmart ants

To prevent ants from driving away beneficial insects and encouraging aphids on your fruit trees: place a greaseband around the trunks. The ants stick to this on the way up, so they can no longer reach the crown.

Grafting your fruit

If you want to graft your stone fruit: now is the best time to do it. Dress the wound with a good tree wax. This prevents the wound from drying out and promotes wound healing.

Caring for the area around trees

Mulch the area around trees with grass clippings or compost mulch. This gives the trees an additional supply of nutrients.