Prevent caterpillar infestation on fruit trees now!

The caterpillars of the Winter Moth feed on fruit trees in the spring and may cause serious damage. This damage can be easily prevented. A winter moth infestation can be prevented by placing a greaseband around the trunk in September, as the females cannot fly and need to crawl up the trunk in order to lay their eggs. They become stuck on the sticky glue.

Other pests that enter the crown via the trunk are also caught. 

Planting time

Berry bushes and hazelnuts can be planted at the end of September.

When are apples and pears ripe?

Pomaceous fruit is ready for picking when the fruit stalk easily detaches from the branch if it is tipped at an angle. If you intend to store fruit for a longer period, then harvest them 10 to 14 days earlier so that they keep for longer. Always harvest all fruit from the fruit trees. New infections in spring often starts from rotting fruit left hanging on the tree.

Storing fruit

Only store fruit that does not have any fungal or insect damage to prevent them from going bad. The ideal storage temperature is between 2°C and 4°C, so that the best place for storage may be in the garage or in a shady corner of the terrace, for example. When temperatures start to drop in November and December, the best place for fruit is a cold cellar.