Protect conifers from snow damage

Columnar conifers, in particular, can permanently lose their ornamental value or even break if layers of snow push them apart. So, wrap up such trees at the start of winter and remove falls of snow in good time. Free other trees and bushes from heavy, wet snow by shaking them gently, otherwise there is a danger of large branches breaking.

Water evergreen plants

Dry damage caused during the winter can often only be seen in late spring when it’s already too late. So, remember to regularly water your plants in winter when the ground is frost-free and dry. As they lose water through their leaves and needles even at this time of the year.

Protection against sunburn

Protect sensitive evergreen trees and shrubs against sunburn in winter by covering with a fleece, so that days with strong sunlight do not damage them.

The best shrubs for your garden

When selecting new garden plants, ensure you buy shrubs that are suitable for the site. Plants that are positioned in an unsuitable site do not grow well over the long term and are prone to disease. Varieties can also differ in terms of their resistance to diseases and pests. Seek advice from a specialist dealer.

It is important to prepare the soil before planting

You can still plant shrubs now as long as the ground is not frozen. However, do not work the soil whilst it is wet as this may otherwise damage the soil structure. This could result in long-lasting soil compaction. Loosen the soil well before planting.

Improve especially heavy clay soil and light sandy soils by adding a permanent humus concentrate. The permanent humus concentrate sustainably helps soil fertility and regulates the biological water balance of the soil. It is excellent for breaking up heavy garden soil to increase ventilation. By improving the soil in this way, it provides shrubs optimal and lasting growing conditions.

Improve light sandy soils with a soil improver. For example, a natural clay mineral powder stores water and nutrients and helps to makes the soil more open and crumbly. Ask at your garden centre for a suitable product.

Plant roses and shrubs

We recommend planting shrubs in a peat-free special planting soil. Simply mix the substrate in the planting hole during planting. A good, peat-free special soil increases the ability of light sandy soils to store water and improves the aeration of heavy clay soils.

When planting roses, use a peat-free soil specially designed to meet the needs of roses.


Shrub roses can be pruned from the end of February in mild winter areas. Even shrubs can be thinned out in frost free weather. However, make sure you do not disturb the typical structure of the shrubs. Exceptions to this rule are spring-flowering varieties that should not be cut in winter as otherwise they lose part of their flowers.

For pruning, always use suitable, sharp tools.


Now feed large shrubs with particularly deep roots a feed with Organic Multipurpose Plant Food. This means that when growth begins, the root area already has sufficient nutrients on hand.

Hang nesting boxes

Gardens that have numerous birds are generally less bothered by pests. Hang up nesting boxes in your garden to encourage our feathered friends. When building or buying a nesting box, choose the right design for the different species of bird. Hang the nesting box with the opening facing the east as this is the most suitable compass direction for our climatic zone.

As birds often choose their nesting place at an early stage, now is the last opportunity to perform the annual spring clean of existing boxes. A bug spray is ideal for this. Animals can then also use the nesting boxes as clean sleeping quarters on cold nights.

Store pesticides properly!

Storing pesticides* properly is especially important in winter. They should be kept out of the reach of children in a dark, dry, cool but frost-free place. Some pesticides are sensitive to frost and can no longer be used once frozen.

Flower bulbs at risk

Flower bulbs are a favourite source of food for voles in winter. Ask at your garden centre now for a suitable product to tackle this.