Don’t forget a second rose feed

After their main show of flowers in June, roses deserve to be rewarded with another supply of nutrients. Give them another feed with Organic Rose Feed so that they can regather their strength for another great show later on.
If the roses are already infected, treat them with a pesticide specially designed to combat fungal diseases and roses. Ask at your garden centre for an approved product.

Re-feed bog plants and heathers

If by June your rhododendrons, heathers and azaleas still have not been fertilised, now is the time to give them another organic feed with Organic Multipurpose Plant Food. This is because the plants are preparing flowers for the following year, so they need the right nutrients now.

No need for mosquitoes

During the summer, standing water such as ponds and rain barrels become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. However, you can use a preparation to combat mosquito larvae in rain barrels, garden ponds and other bodies of water. Ask at your garden centre for an approved product.

Pesky ants

Trails paths or nests beneath terraces are not only annoying they can also become a real problem. The activities of the ants cause the sand to be transported from beneath the paved areas up above. This leads to uneven paving stones or slabs, which can then become a tripping hazard. This is easily remedied with AntFree Ant Killer Granules**. The product can be dry scattered right out of the box or dissolved in water and applied with a watering can. The most effective method of tackling the ants and the nest is to pour the active substance over the ground. The active ingredient in AntFree Ant Killer Granules** is extracted from chrysanthemum flowers.