Lawn care

How to get a healthy, lush green lawn

Why is the neighbour‘s lawn denser and greener than mine? Why does it have absolutely zero weeds? What trick do they know? Its secret is likely to be that they have no secret. They use only the right products at the right time. Lawn care can really be so easy!

Natural cycle in the lawn

Your lawn is a mixture of different grass species in which new blades are continually forming and old blades dying. These form the ’thatch’, a dense mass of brown, dry matter which makes the lawn hard and gives it a pale appearance. Raking removes this mass and allows air to circulate freely. But wouldn’t it make more sense to allow this ’thatch’ to decompose naturally into humus, thereby loosening the soil and simultaneously providing nutrients for your lawn so that here, too, a natural cycle is established?

Little helpers: Microorganisms and mycorrhiza fungi

Microorganisms ’eat’ thatch

Dead organic material is a treat for the many organisms which occur naturally in a biologically active soil. However, most soil under lawns is depleted of microorganisms. Our Organic CleanLawn contains a highly effective mixture of different freeze-dried microorganisms. Once in contact with water they are reactivated and get to work on the ’thatch’, breaking it down into useful humus via a natural process. The remains are broken into nutrients for the lawn meaning that you can scarify less whilst fertilising naturally– much less work!

An additional bonus: mycorrhiza

Like all the solid fertilisers from Neudorff, theOrganic CleanLawn contains natural mycorrhiza fungi. The mycorrhiza fungi attach to the plant roots and enter into a symbiotic relationship. They supply the plant with essential nutrients and water and in return the plant gives back valuable carbohydrates in the form of sugar. This way, the root system is greatly increased: it can grow up to 150 times larger! In the symbiosis with mycorrhiza, the lawn’s roots are able to reach and absorb additional water and nutrients in the soil. During a dry period the roots are still able to absorb water whereas in lawns without mycorrhiza fungi, the roots will have long been suffering from the effects of drought.

Good nutrition makes for a healthy lawn

Organic Clean Lawn

Our Organic CleanLawn also has other benefits:

  • 3-in-1 Organic fertiliser: fertilises the lawn, improves the soil and has an indirect action against moss.
  • Made from 100% natural raw materials
  • Safe for children and pets
  • Fast acting, continues to feed for up to 100 days
  • Contains mycorrhiza fungi for improved resistance to frost, drought and unfavourable pH conditions
  • With soil revitalizing microorganisms
  • No scarifying necessary
  • Spreader settings

Healthy, moss free lawns – without scarifying!

Neudorff provides reliable help to ensure your green lawn remains as free from moss and weeds as possible.

To tackle moss you need to know that it is especially fond of:

  • shade
  • acidic soil
  • areas where the grass has been weakened by lack of fertilisation.

Moss in your lawn could be due to any of these factors.

Scarifying helps – or does it?

If your lawn has become thatched and mossy, the usual recommendation is to reach for the scarifier. In this process, the scarifier cuts through the turf and aerates the soil while moss and loose grass not yet decomposed are removed. The other side of the coin is that moss only appears in depleted soil in the first place!

The process of scarifying the lawn removes even more organic substance and nutrients from soil that is already the worse for wear. If instead you feed your lawn with Organic CleanLawn on a regular basis, moss and weeds will be permanently expelled. Scarifying only makes sense as an initial treatment in the spring on lawns with large patches of heavy thatch which have not been previously cared for.

A healthy lawn suppresses moss and weeds

If you regularly use Organic CleanLawn, you will find that even established lawn moss and weeds can be displaced effectively.

  • Organic CleanLawn is a 3-in-1 lawn feed which makes it easy to get a thicker, greener, drought resistant and moss free lawn without scarifying.
  • The organic formula is derived from 100% natural raw materials. Organic CleanLawn offers a perfect mixture of nutrients and beneficial ingredients to get a thick and natural green lawn which suppresses moss and weeds.
  • It contains soil restoring microorganisms that work hard to disrupt unhealthy bacteria, break down thatch and moss into beneficial humus and revitalize the soil.
  • Beneficial Mycorrhiza fungi increase the size of the root system by up to 150 times and improve the lawn’s resistance against drought and frost.
  • Due to its nutrients being organically bound, Organic CleanLawn has a natural long-term effect. Whether your lawn is newly laid or not, the fast-acting fertiliser is suitable for use in spring, autumn and even in summer as it poses no risk of scorching the lawn.
  • The formula is granulated and easy to spread either by hand or with a spreader. Organic CleanLawn is child and pet safe, and the treated areas can be used immediately after application.

What else you can do?

Test the acidity of the soil with a pH soil tester, and add lime if needed. In areas which are in shade for half the day you will always have problems with moss. In this case you should consider sowing a special grass variety for shady areas, or replace the lawn with plants that will provide good ground cover.

Expert tip for tackling moss in your lawn

Moss frequently disappears with correct fertilisation. However, if it really is too widespread, use our CleanLawn Moss Control for Lawns Concentrate+. The natural active ingredient Pelargonic Acid in this liquid moss killer kills moss without harming the lawn. The dead moss can then be easily lifted from the lawn. The treated area can be accessed immediately after the liquid has dried – even by pets. CleanLawn Moss Control for Lawns Concentrate+ acts immediately, even at low temperatures, and leaves no brown-rust spots if accidentally applied to stone.