Begonia, wax begonia (Begonia semperflorens hybrids)

The begonia is also known as “ever-flowering begonia”. Doing credit to its name, it flowers tirelessly throughout the summer until the frost. It is one of the most popular plants for shady beds and north-facing balconies.

Combination possibilities

The small clump-forming plant has beautiful leathery leaves ranging from light to dark green and bronze colours. This single or filled shell-like flower appears in the colours pink, white, crimson and scarlet red. Begonias work well with other shady plants such as busy Lizzies, fuchsias and painted nettles but also with shade-loving grasses, small ferns and ivy.

Location & Care

Many of the new sorts tolerate sun but otherwise begonias prefer a semi-shady to shady site. They have normal water requirements but waterlogging should be avoided. Feed begonias every fortnight with the liquid Organic Multipurpose Plant Feed. Overwintering is not usual. Sow under glass or on a bright windowsill from December to February at 22°C. The plants may go outside from mid-May.

Typical problems and diseases: