Geranium (Pelargonium)

The classic on a summer balcony, they bloom tirelessly from May until the first frost. There are upright and hanging examples, filled and unfilled flowering varieties. The choices of colours cover the whole spectrum from pure white to soft pink to bright red and purple. Even two-tone flowers and variegated leaves are now on the market.

Combination possibilities

The design possibilities with geraniums are plentiful; planted by themselves in individual pots or in rows in a flower box, the bright red colour is particularly striking. Combine upright and hanging geraniums for a wonderfully lavish floral display on your balcony. Tone down the colourful effect by planting other flowers or green ornamental plants in between and create a marvellous composition of plants.

Location & Care

Geraniums prefer a sunny spot. They have high water requirements but waterlogging should be avoided. Feed the plants weekly with the liquid Organic Multipurpose Plant Feed. Overwinter in a bright place at 5–10°C. Cut back the shoots to two buds in February. Geraniums should only go outside after the late Spring frost in mid-May when it is 15–20°C.

Typical problems and diseases