Marigolds (Calendula officinalis)

The ancient medicinal plant is regarded as a hardy cut flower in cottage and natural gardens. The cheerful flower with yellow or orange “daisy flowers” grows just as well on balconies. Direct sowing in pots is extremely easy even for beginners.

Combination possibilities

Marigolds work well with all yellow and orange-red annual flowering summer flowers such as tagetes and zinnias.

Location & Care

Marigolds love sunny to semi-shade sites. They have normal water requirements. Feed the plants every fortnight with the liquid Organic Multipurpose Plant Feed. It is not possible to overwinter marigolds unfortunately. The flowers grow very well from seed on the window sill or in a warm greenhouse from March onwards. They can be sown directly from the end of April/May. To lengthen the flowering period, sow them again in June. The minimum germination temperature is 15°C.

Typical problems and diseases