Petunia, surfinia (Petunia)

Petunias are real children of the sun and are some of the most prolific flowering plants on the balcony. Their funnel-shaped flowers open daily from May to October – if the plants have a good supply of nutrients.

Combination possibilities

Petunias are perfect for bright accents of colour; they come in bright red and pink as well as in pastel shades such as white, rosé, purple and yellow. The upright varieties work well with other summer flowers like geraniums, verbenas or ornamental tobaccos. Hanging petunias are perfect for flower boxes and hanging baskets and work well with Scaevola, bidens and trailing verbenas.

Location & Care

Petunias prefer a bright to sunny spot. They have high water requirements. It is best to water with soft water. The abundantly flowering plants have high nutrient requirements. So, feed them weekly with the liquid Organic Multipurpose Plant Feed. They can be overwintered at 5–10°C in a bright or dark place. Cut them back to 20 cm in the autumn before placing them in their winter quarters. Put the sun-loving plants outdoors in May when the temperature is 15–20°C.

Typical problems and diseases