Watch out for the first frost

Plants no longer need to be fed quite so much. The first night frosts can occur in September in unfavourable locations. Listen out for the weather forecast and bring frost-sensitive plants into the house if necessary. At the end of September, put patio plants into their winter quarters and prune them back slightly if there is not enough space. Before bringing them indoors, however, check the plants thoroughly for pests and treat with BugFree Bug and Larvae Killer+ if infected with aphids or other sucking pests.

Autumn begins on the balcony

Chrysanthemums, heathers, ornamental cabbages, small conifers and ornamental grasses all make suitable plants for balconies and terraces in autumn.

Start thinking about plants for the balcony for next summer

Taking cuttings is easy. Take cuttings from balcony and terrace plants and put them into a peat-free soil specially designed for sowing and growing young plants and cuttings and for cultivating herbs where they can easily form roots. You can also water the small plants with Super Strength Seaweed Extract. This ensures optimal growth and vigorous root growth.

Start thinking about spring-flowering plants for the balcony

To create spring flowers for your balcony, put bulbs into pots now and bury them in the garden until they start to grow.