Don’t forget to feed

The days are getting longer. The plants are now getting more light and slowly starting to grow stronger. So, now they need more nutrients again. Organic Multipurpose Plant Feed provides an optimum supply of nutrients, vitamins and growth promoting substances for ornamental plants. The feed is a purely organic, vegetable liquid fertiliser and comes with a spray cap and dosing cap that is easy-to-use.

Beauty treatment for houseplants

Plants are grateful when they are regularly cleaned of dust. Sclerophyllous plants look particularly attractive when the leaves are sprayed with a leaf shine spray. Slight deposits of dust and lime stains disappear and the leaves have a permanent, matt-gloss sheen.

Vitamins on the windowsill

Sew cress seeds in shallow bowls on the windowsill, they start to germinate in just a few days if kept moderately moist. This is a quick way to create some decorative greenery for the kitchen – and also tastes good too.

Dry air

Many plants do not like the warm air from radiators because the humidity is too low. Damage such as browning of the leaf tips and edges, yellowing of the leaves and leaf drop may then occur. The dry air encourages the appearance of pests such as thrips, spider mites and others in the winter months. Increase humidity by simply hanging water evaporators on the radiators. Frequently spraying with lukewarm water does many plants good. Under no circumstances try to compensate for a lack of humidity in the air by watering more frequently. Waterlogged potting compost is a common cause of root damage caused by fungal pathogens or the appearance of fungus gnats. Test the moisture content of the potting soil with your finger to prevent overwatering.

Silvery sheen on the leaves?

Many plants can be infested with thrips. They suck on the leaves producing silvery-looking spots and small black faeces deposits are often to be found on the leaves. Many kinds of palm trees and ivy are at particular risk. BugFree Bug and Larvae Killer+ is a spray against thrips. Spray the plant well from all sides. A repeat application is advisable.