Repot houseplants now

When the roots of houseplants start growing through the holes in the bottom of the pot, it’s high time to repot. A structurally stable, peat-free potting soil is ideal.

There is no need to use special soils for orchids and cacti. A peat-free soil specially designed for the needs of cacti offers a high level of stability and a high drainage effect. Orchids thrive particularly well in a peat-free soil specially designed to meet the needs of orchids.

Feed again now

It’s time to start feeding almost all the houseplants again now. Organic fertilisers such as Organic Multipurpose Plant Feed.

Tackling mealybugs

If you see mealybugs on your plants: BugFree Bug and Larvae Killer+ is very well-tolerated (also for soft-leaved plants). This agent contains rapeseed oil, which suffocates the pests and also give the leaves a beautiful sheen. BugFree Bug and Larvae Killer+ especially approved for use in living areas. The substance is not released into the air.

Herbs on the windowsill

Herbs that remain in the house over the winter also need a balanced supply of nutrients for vital growth and distinctive aroma. The best way to give them this is with a regular feed using a special, purely vegetable fertiliser. A peat-free soil especially designed for sowing and growing young plants and cuttings is particularly suited as a substrate for growing herbs in pots.