Lawn during the holiday period

Do not cut the lawn particularly short before a holiday because this increases the risk of dehydration. Keep to the normal cutting height of 4–5 cm. Do not cut the lawn back to its original height when first mowing after your holiday. Lawns do not tolerate this well in summer. It’s best to cut it back to the original height in several stages over a long period of time.

Do not forget to water

Lawns dry out very quickly, especially in the hot summer months. It is better to water the lawn thoroughly twice a week (approx. 15 l/m²) then to give it a little water every day.

Brown spots in summer

Brown spots appear on the lawn and it dries out. One possible cause can be a potassium deficiency that quickly occurs in dry weather. A professional lawn care product, a combination of fertiliser and soil improver, works well. To avoid and remedy symptoms caused by a potassium deficiency, use a low-chloride potassium fertiliser in spring or autumn.

Red tips on lawn grass

Red -coloured grass is usually infested with the so-called red thread. Red thread primarily occurs in wet areas where the nutrient supply is insufficient. Keep the lawn drier (only water in the morning!) to combat this infestation. In addition, mow the lawn to a depth of 3-4 cm and complement for the lack of nutrients with Organic CleanLawn.