Lawns dry out quickly

Dry, yellowed lawns are all too often seen in soils that contain little humus. Humus (= organic matter) stores water so that the grass has water available for a long time even in dry periods.

So, be sure to give your lawn a soil-activating permanent humus concentrate now before the summer drought. In addition to water, valuable permanent humus can also store nutrients.

What to do with grass clippings?

Regular mowing is now the main task in looking after the lawn. Leave the grass clippings to wither and then put them around trees for mulching. Or compost them in a thermal compost bin. They should be slightly wilted for this too. Mix two parts of grass clippings with one part of dry shredded woody material from trees, bark mulch, dry leaves or wood shavings from untreated wood. Ideally, mix in a compost accelerator and after about 12 weeks you will have top quality compost mulch.

Summer feeding

Healthy lawns rarely become diseased and form a dense turf. If the lawn appears a light green colour and is barely growing, then tend it with Organic CleanLawn.