Healthy lawn

Only lawns that have a plentiful supply of nutrients are healthy enough to suppress moss and weeds. Since grass grows right into November, you should feed it now. Organic CleanLawn is particularly suitable for this.

Re-feed with a low-chloride potassium fertiliser either now or in the spring in proven cases of potassium deficiency.

Lawns with moss

Treat lawns now that are thick with moss with CleanLawn Moss Control for Lawns Concentrate+. This product thoroughly and gently combats moss in the lawn. CleanLawn Moss Control for Lawns Concentrate+ is biodegradable (according to OECD 301 F). The treated grass turns brown within 24 hours and dies.

Drought damage

Damage caused by dry and hot summers with little rainfall can be successfully treated with a professional lawn care product.

Improve soil structure

The lawn can be damaged if it becomes waterlogged in winter. Fungal diseases are also encouraged by poor soil structure and waterlogging. So act now and improve the structure of your lawn with the addition of a permanent humus concentrate.