Tackling sitka spruce aphids

Now is the time to tackle the sitka spruce aphid on conifer trees with BugFree Bug and Larvae Killer Concentrate+. BugFree Bug and Larvae Killer Concentrate+ contains natural pyrethrum and rapeseed oil as active ingredients. Tap the tree to check for infestation. Simply hold a sheet of white paper underneath the branch inside the tree and then tap on the branch. If there are any aphids present they will drop onto the sheet of paper and are then easily detected.

Nutrients for fir trees and evergreens

Now is the time to feed firs and other conifers with Organic Multipurpose Plant Food. Simply sprinkle over the soil in the root area and gently work in with a rake. It contains micro-organisms that optimise the nutrients into a usable form, which is available to the plants over a long period.

Planting roses correctly

Bare rooted or potted plants can now be planted in open soil that is not too wet. They can also be planted in sufficiently sized pots, although roses are deep rooters that need particularly deep containers. For optimal growth success, plant in a peat-free, special planting soil. Also add Organic Rose Feed. Your roses will reward you for this in summer with the first flush of flowers.

The easy way to a magnificent show of flowers

Roses and other flowering plants need feeding with Organic Rose Feed  to ensure a good show of flowers in summer. Organic Rose Feed is a liquid organic fertiliser for flowering plants which can easily be used when watering the plants.

For a magnificent display of rhododendrons, there is the Organic Multipurpose Plant Food, a solid organic fertiliser. Here, the composition of nutrients and the type of Mycorrhiza are specially designed for moor bedding plants.

Optimally feed roses

Organic Rose Feed supplies the plants with optimum nutrition. Well-nourished plants are less susceptible to fungal disease.  

A home for beneficial insects

Help beneficial garden insects in their search for a suitable nesting or hibernation site with an insect hotel. The insect hotel gives insects such as wild bees, lacewings and ladybirds a home next to one another. The useful helpers ensure the pollination of fruit trees and reduce pests in the garden and on balconies and terraces.