Fertilise potatoes and cabbages again

Potatoes and cabbage plants are “heavy feeders”, i.e. they require a particularly large amount of nutrients. We therefore recommend feeding with an Organic Multipurpose Plant Food again. The fertiliser provides a continuous supply of nutrients for several weeks.

Continue to feed herbs regularly

Regularly feed herbs so that they continue to flourish. Organic Multipurpose Plant Feed gives a balanced supply of nutrients. Add every 1-4 weeks, according to the plant type, when watering.

Colorado potato beetle on the march

Check the potato leaves regularly for any infestation with Colorado potato beetle.

If infestation occurs, the Colorado potato beetle will already be very widespread and you will find eggs, larvae and beetles on the plants.

Caution slugs:

Slugs love to eat freshly planted vegetables. To stop your plants from being eaten: spread Sluggo® Slug & Snail Killer+ or Sluggo® Slug & Snail Killer Ultra+

Remove side shoots from tomatoes

The side shoots of tomatoes should be regularly removed to prevent them becoming tangled mess. With just a single shoot, the plant is better able to form fruit and ripeness is enhanced.