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Thermal composting

Thermal composters, such as the sturdy, weatherproof Thermal Compost Bin "Neudorff DuoTherm®" 530 l, make particularly good compost as the thermal design accelerates the composting process right into the winter.

Kitchen waste can also be composted in winter. Simply keep back some leaves or shredded tree clippings to scatter between the layers of kitchen waste. If the compost becomes too wet, add a natural clay mineral powder to regulate moisture.

Do not add too much citrus peel to the compost

Winter is a time for oranges and tangerines. However, it is not a good idea to add too much peel to the compost. Peel hardly decomposes in winter, it quickly goes rotten and makes the compost too wet. Also, the peel is often treated with chemicals. If large quantities of this are composted, the remaining compounds may accumulate in the finished compost and end up on the beds when used as a mulch. This should be avoided.

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