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Weed Control

A weed can be defined as an unwanted plant which has sprung up in the wrong place at the wrong time. Regardless of how you define them they are usually a nuisance because they deprive other plants in your garden of water, nutrients, space and often light. That‘s why it makes sense to do something about these unwanted plants. Fortunately you have several options.

The three most important methods of weed control

1. Kitkeminen

Rikkakasvit kannattaa vetää maasta juurineen. Kuokkimisen seurauksena maan pinnalle päätyy uusia siemeniä, jotka itävät ja kasvavat uusiksi rikkakasveiksi. Uudelleen itäminen on vähäisempää, kun kasvi vedetään pois kokonaan.

2. Maan kattaminen

Maanpinnan peittäminen katteella, kuten kuorikatteella, ohuella kerroksella ruohosilppua tai lehtiä estää rikkaruohojen itämisen ja kasvun. Tällaisten materiaalien alla myös etanat viihtyvät ja löytävät sieltä hyviä piilopaikkoja.

3. Rikkakasvien torjunta-aineiden käyttö

Joissain tapauksissa kitkeminen tai kattaminen ei ole mahdollista. Silloin suosittelemme käyttämään rikkakasvien torjunta-ainetta. Finalsan-tuotteet sisältävät tehoaineena pelargonihappoa, jota esiintyy myös luonnossa. Lemmikkieläimet voi päästää käsitellyille alueille heti aineen kuivumisen jälkeen.

How Neudorff’s weedkillers work

The unique combination of two active ingredients in WeedFree Plus+, pelargonic acid and maleic acid hydrazide, create a weedkiller that is both fast-acting and long-lasting against weed regrowth.

Pelargonic Acid

Pelargonic acid is found naturally in pelargoniums and is a highly effective fatty acid widely used in the treatment of unwanted plants.

How does Pelargonic Acid work?

Natural pelargonic acid destroys the cell walls of the leaves of the weed. This results in the cells losing their structure and drying out within a short space of time, under normal conditions this will be visible within 1 day after treatment.


Only the green parts of the plant are affected by this action, the woody bark of the plant is unaffected as the cells are too stable and the active ingredient has no way of penetrating the surface. Therefore the product can be used under hedges, trees and bushes without fear of destroying the whole area.

Maleic Acid Hydrazide

Maleic acid hydrazide is an extremely old and well researched active ingredient. First produced in 1895, it has been used as a growth regulator in crop management since 1952. Its main applications have been in the production of food, particularly being used on potatoes and onions as an anti-sprouting agent.

How does Maleic Acid Hydrazide work?

The growth regulator is transported by the plant's vascular tissue into the plant’s root system. Once there it prevents cell division at the root tips and since this is where growth takes place the roots are no longer able to continue growing.

Features and advantages of Neudorff’s weedkillers:

Neudorff’s weedkillers are also effective at low temperatures. They can be used from early Spring until late Autumn ensuring protection during the entire growth cycle of weeds. The active ingredients do not reside in the soil after use which allows for treated areas to be easily sown or planted again after treatment.

  • Children and pets are able to enter treated areas as soon as the spray has dried
  • Treated areas can be replanted after just one day
  • Active ingredients do not accumulate in the soil
  • Also effective against moss and algae
  • All Neudorff Weedkillers are Glyphosate free

How to use Neudorff’s weedkillers

The WeedFree Plus+ products are easy to use and are available both as a concentrate and as a ready to spray solution.

The concentrate dilutes easily with water to give excellent ground coverage. It is important to spray very thoroughly and ensure the plant is dripping wet as only the parts of the plant which are coated will die. During treatment the leaves should be dry, otherwise the product will not be absorbed. The best result is achieved when weeds are in the growing stage and no larger than 10 cm. In the case of problem weeds such as horsetail and ground elder you must repeat the application after approximately 4 weeks.

Effective and long lasting weed control

WeedFree Plus+

  • Complete herbicide effective against weeds, moss and algae
  • Also effective against ground elder and horsetail
  • Good long-term effect
  • Works even at low temperatures
  • Visible results within 1 day after treatment

Effective against a wide variety of weeds

Neudorff ’s Weedkillers are complete herbicides for both weeds and grasses. They work against a wide variety of annual and perennial weeds and are also effective against stubborn weeds, moss and algae, a small assortment of which may be found below.

The most common perennial weeds

The most common annual weeds