Fertilise roses now

Roses all need sufficient nutrients to enable them to produce strong shoots and a magnificent show of flowers. Organic Rose Feed  is a purely organic fertiliser and contains all essential major and micro-nutrients for an abundance of blooms. Thanks to the natural immediate and long-term effects, your roses have a sufficient supply of nutrients for several weeks.

Healthy plants from the beginning

Organic Rose Feed supplies the plants with optimum nutrition. Regularly use Organic Rose Feed on susceptible roses as soon as they start to produce buds. Well-nourished plants are less susceptible to fungal disease.

Feeding rhododendrons with nutrients

To be able to produce a beautiful flower and strong dark green leaves, rhododendrons also need nutrients. If you haven’t do so already, then feed them now.

Organic Multipurpose Plant Food contains a balanced composition of nutrients. 

Planting rhododendrons

Now is the best time to plant evergreen plants in the garden. All moor plants (such as rhododendrons, heathers, camellia, skimmia, etc.) need an acidic soil for healthy growth. A peat-free soil specially designed to meet the needs of rhododendrons offers a low pH value. Dig a very generous planting hole for rhododendrons. In loamy soils, first add a layer of gravel to the planting hole and then add the peat-free special soil. Carefully place the plant into the prepared planting hole – it should never be planted deeper than it was previously. Water well with Super Strength Seaweed Extract and then only water sparingly in order to promote rooting.

Tackle slugs, protect hedgehogs

Sluggo® Slug & Snail Killer+ and Sluggo® Slug & Snail Killer Ultra+ are a highly effective slug pesticides with a new mechanism of action. Slugs love to eat the pellets, which quickly stops them eating plants and then the pests die off. Sluggo® Slug & Snail Killer+ and Sluggo® Slug & Snail Killer Ultra+ contain the active ingredient iron-III phosphate, a substance which also occurs naturally in the environment. 

Stop weeds from spreading

Tackle weeds before they become troublesome in beds beneath ornamental shrubs. WeedFree Plus Concentrate+ combats grasses and weeds within a few hours, even at temperatures from 15° C. The agent is particularly effective. Neudorff’s Weedkiller is also available as a concentrate and a ready-to-use application in a pump spray as WeedFree Plus+.

Upkeep of ornamental grasses

In April, cut all ornamental grasses (such as pampas grass, bamboo and reed varieties) down to a hands width above the ground (before sprouting). Also feed with Organic Multipurpose Plant Food at the same time for a steady, healthy regrowth.