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Get your lawn ready for winter now!

You can increase your lawns resistance to drought and frost by feeding it again now to strengthen it before winter. Feeding with Organic CleanLawn or Organic Lawn Feed & Improver ensures your lawn has balanced nutrients for a long time.

Lawns during dry periods

Do not keep your lawn too short when the weather is hot. Mowing too frequently also makes the lawn more sensitive to drought. Improving the structure of the soil with a permanent humus concentrate helps improve the ground’s ability to hold water. The lawn still needs watering in dry periods though. It is better to water less often but more thoroughly than to frequently give small amounts of water. Water early in the morning or in the evening and make sure that each square metre gets around 5 litres of water.

Yellow spots on the lawn

Yellow discoloured areas on the lawn that can be pulled up easily like turf with lots of birds pecking at it eagerly indicate an infestation with grubs. Tackle the larvae of the garden chafer with HM-nematodes now. These beneficial threadworms are available in well-stocked stores.

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