WeedFree Plus Concentrate

WeedFree Plus Concentrate

  • Active ingredient content 186.7 g/L pelargonic acid, 30 g/L maleic hydrazide
  • Long lasting, stops roots from growing
  • Visible results for weeds (e.g. goutweed) and grasses within 1 day after treatment
  • Biodegradable
Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use.


  • Mix 85 ml product with 500 ml water for 5 m²
  • 1 L of concentrate is sufficient for up to 60 m² (individual plant treatments)
  • Drench the weeds thoroughly to guarantee an optimum absorption of the active ingredients


Packaging sizes:
1020 ml dosing bottles


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Safety data sheets
WeedFree Plus Concentrate
WeedFree Plus SDS 2021-12 EN 01
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06 Dandelion manual weeding Neudorff
07 Dandelion manual weeding Neudorff
08 Creeping thistle Cirsium arvense Neudorff
09 Ribwort plantain Plantago lanceolata Neudorff
4005240136188 WeedFree Plus Concentrate 1020ml 2050 RGB
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